New CCS Resources in the Works: Scientific Research Databases

The field of human-based research technologies is rapidly growing. Currently there is no one-stop source for the latest information on innovative human-specific technologies that can replace animal tests and be more effective for medical research needs. For those interested in learning about where the latest developments are occurring, they must dig through volumes of literature and conduct in-depth and time-consuming internet and library searches.

To meet this need, CCS is currently developing three Scientific Research Databases that will be freely available online. The three databases will provide an overview of where the tools are being developed among the following:

(a) Companies (new and established)

(b) Academic centers

(c) Governmental centers

The databases are geared for four primary audiences:

1. For scientists: we hope that these databases will help you find out about techniques that can be used in your own line of research.

2. For investors and funders: the databases can be used as a resource in directing you towards the most innovative companies and institutions.

3. For biomedical students: if you are interested in building your careers using the most cutting-edge research tools, these databases can provide information on where potential training opportunities lie within academic and other institutions.

4. For media: want to know more about how these human-specific tools will be more effective than animal tests? These databases highlight who is spearheading this work and how to contact them.

Our Scientific Research Databases gives you a bird’s-eye view of where science in the field of human-specific research methods is being conducted today. Although our current focus is on U.S based research centers, we will over time expand the data to include centers worldwide. We want to highlight the work that pioneering scientists are conducting to create medical research techniques that will transform the biomedical sciences to accelerate the search for treatments and cures —and we hope their work will inspire others, like you, to do the same.

If you are an innovator in human-specific technologies in medical research and want to have your information included in any of our databases, or if your lab is already in our database and you want to change some of the information we’ve gathered on your research: please contact us.


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