Our Staff

Sumita Jonak

M.S., M.B.A., Director of Strategic Initiatives

The serious stuff:

Sumita has 20+ years of deep tech experience in the public and private sectors (Fortune 100). She has developed global technology standards with 16 patents awarded. She applied this interdisciplinary background to build a medtech startup. Her inspiration came from losing her Dad to cancer because the diagnosis was too late. Now, she’s applying her diverse experiences to advance medicine using 21st century technologies.

Sumita is the first in her immigrant family to serve in the military and found a startup. During her service as a United States Naval Officer, she earned two Joint Service Commendation Medals and the Afghanistan Campaign Medal. Her overseas tours encompass Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen —all of which reinforced effective communication and built resilience while running high-intensity counter-terrorism operations.

Sumita earned an executive MBA from UCLA with additional degrees in Computer Science from the University of Texas—San Antonio, Arabic from the Defense Language Institute, and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Maryland—College Park.

The fun stuff:
To relax and recharge, Sumita entertains her three rescue dogs —Simon, Charlie, and Teddy. Charlie is a Netflix fan and Teddy finds our shoes tasty. Simon is a senior citizen who can scramble up hills faster than Sumita, much to her embarrassment. Once he reaches the top, he comes back to coax the lumbering humans to “hurry up and move with a purpose!” Best personal trainer, ever.

Sumita grew up gardening with her Dad. She continues planting seeds which blossom into delicious vegetables. She envisions building a small sanctuary called Spotless Mind where farm animals can live in harmony with their human companions.

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