2020 Annual Report

MAY 17, 2021

2020 has been a tumultuous year and a challenging time to launch a new non-profit organization. But, because of you, we not only persevered, but we also flourished. The Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS) is poised to ignite a movement away from animal testing to more effective testing methods that are based on human biology.


Much of our work during our first eight months since our launch was focused on building a solid foundation and strong organization to implement initiatives and programs that will transform the biomedical sciences. We have steadily built a team of strong leaders, whether as members of our staff, our Board of Directors, or our Advisory Council. Our team is flexible and lean, enabling us to maximize the use of our resources to the greatest extent possible. Over the next few years, we will together catalyze a strategic, worldwide movement that captures the best that science has to offer, and in the
kindest way possible.

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