Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS) Partners with Beyond Animal to Host Investor Summit to Replace Animal Experiments

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MARCH 22, 2022

Tuesday, March 22nd – Gaithersburg, MD/ Montreux, Switzerland


The March 24 Summit is the premiere event focused on driving investment into testing methods that replace animal testing and that are more human-relevant.


The three-hour-event is open to the public and brings together an international group of innovators, investors, researchers, start-ups, and venture philanthropists. It is designed to promote the cross-pollination of ideas, provide much needed exposure to business entities, and unlock entrepreneurial potentials under expert guidance. The goal of the summit is to further the engagement among scientists, investors, and the business community, specifically in the fields of human-relevant alternatives to animal experimentation.


Among the invited participants are trailblazers in biomedical innovation and Organ-Chip technology like MatTek, Tissue Dynamics, and NETRI; Bioprinting leaders such as CELLINK; Experts in advancing regenerative medicine therapies like ReMDO; and the animal-free cosmetics industry pioneer, XCellR8. That is in addition to a wide network of investors seeking to learn more about new opportunities in these areas.


“CCS is committed to changing the current paradigm in drug development and academic research that still relies heavily on ineffective animal research,” said Zaher Nahle PhD MPA, CCS’S Chief Science Officer and the Summit’s moderator and host. “This summit is part of our overall strategy to advance the discovery process and create healthier, more compassionate societies – Sparking both interest and investments in promising, human-relevant businesses and endeavors.”


Through discerning public policy efforts, targeted pharmaceutical outreach, collaborations with academia, building bridges among scientists and entrepreneurs, and partnering with committed entities like Beyond Animal, CCS is driving forward much needed change and filling knowledge gaps.


Says Claire Smith, founder of Beyond Animal, “the use of animals for research and toxicology testing is a $25 billion market that is ripe for disruption. There can be few industries where 95% of the output is found to be unnecessary or worthless, as is the case with results from animal trials that fail when applied to the human end consumer. We look forward to hosting experts, entrepreneurs and investors at this event and connecting promising start-ups with the capital they need to grow”.


To learn more about the summit and participate, register for free at Beyond Animal.


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