Sergine Cindy Zeufack

Sergine Cindy Zeufack
Science & Technology Fellow

The serious stuff:

Sergine received her Master’s degree in Global Health Science and Epidemiology from the University of Oxford. She attended Harvard University for her bachelor’s in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. She is Cameroonian-American and currently lives in Potomac, Maryland. She has previously worked at the World Health Organization in Geneva and Health Leads in Boston, among other organizations. She is passionate about improving patient outcomes and is currently pursuing a career as a physician and researcher. At CCS, Sergine hopes to contribute to promoting human-specific medical research while learning from accomplished colleagues in the field.

The fun stuff:

In her spare time, Sergine enjoys baking, photography, reading, and traveling. She aims to finish at least 20 books this year and visit 30 countries before she turns 30.  

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