Keven Stonewall

Keven Stonewall
Science & Technology Fellow

The serious stuff:

Keven Stonewall is a 3rd-year medical student, TEDx speaker, and health tech enthusiast from Chicago, IL. His national recognition began when he conducted groundbreaking colon cancer research at the age of 17. Keven's colon cancer research, which was conducted at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, was designed to determine how aging affects certain immune responses in mice when challenged with an anti-tumor-based vaccine against colon cancer cell lines.

This groundbreaking research, which many scientists credit to Keven, has earned him respect in the science and medical community, and earned him numerous awards and honors including presenting at the Intel International Engineering and Science Competition, and Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer. Keven graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Here, he conducted research on using preclinical models of allogeneic bone marrow transplant to cure both osteosarcoma and neuroblastoma. He currently attends medical school at Loyola University Chicago- Stritch School of Medicine.

Keven also has a strong interest in business development in the healthcare/biotech sector. He has experience as a business development specialist at a biotech company, whose goal was to deliver microfluidics and bioinformatics solutions to life scientists. Here, Keven identifies growth opportunities to include expanding reach with the customer base, expanding product portfolio utilization with existing accounts, and launching new products and new product indications.

The fun stuff:

Outside of healthcare and biotech, Keven has given numerous presentations on his journey, but he is especially proud of his TEDx Talk presentation. Keven travels around the country inspiring others and giving motivational speeches to students (elementary, high school, and college students), as well as patients and community members who are currently fighting colon cancer or battling other health issues. Because of his recognition as a millennial influencer, Keven has received numerous accolades for his achievements including the POSSE Leadership Scholarship, Always Giving Back Foundation 2019 Philantropreneur Award, Chicago Scholars' 35 under 35 Award Recipient, WVON 1690 AM, 40 under 40 Gamechanger Award Recipient. Keven is always reminded of the quote "If you are not planning to succeed then you are planning to fail."

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