Tianna Montgomery

Tianna Montgomery
Creative Design Intern

The serious stuff:

Tianna Montgomery is a recent graduate from Old Dominion University studying communications and media studies. Due to military parents, she grew up worldwide but currently resides in Northern Virginia. Tianna plans to pursue a master’s degree in video and broadcast journalism because she loves telling stories by way of camera and just being a voice people can use. CCS’ mission aligns perfectly with the type of changes she seeks to make in the world. Tianna has done various interviews, including some for the Embassy of Ghana, that have helped ignite small changes in small places. She hopes to continue that path with CCS while finding ways to make a more significant and positive impact in the world. Tianna currently works for other non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity and The National Skills Coalition, helping them reach their goals while providing her communications expertise.

The fun stuff:

Tianna’s hobbies include playing basketball, playing the viola (not the violin), watching old films, and participating in outdoor activities.

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