Saving and improving lives by catalyzing the world’s transition to human-specific medical research.

Lung on a Chip*
Credit: Wyss Institute.

The Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS) is an independent nonprofit, helping to eliminate ineffectual animal experimentation by advancing the most sophisticated human-specific research and testing methods.

We advocate for industry, governmental, academic, private and charitable investments and funding in the most productive solutions-focused research. * An example technology that CCS views as an innovative tool is human Organs-on-Chips, which are microfluidic cell culture devices with channels lined by living human organ-specific cells that interface with a human endothelial cell-lined artificial vasculature. Combined with mechanical forces that mimic the physical microenvironment of living organs, this technology can recapitulate the microarchitecture and functions of living human organs. Human Organs-on-Chips could be used for disease modeling and drug testing. Image courtesy of Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

Medical research and testing methods need to start and end with human biology.

Human biology-based methods offer a more effective way to understand the diseases that afflict us. And they enable researchers to predict how a human may respond to medicines and chemicals with far greater accuracy than animal tests. The outcome is better treatments, therapies and cures.

CCS is pioneering a paradigm shift towards innovative, evidence-based research methods that are based on human biology. Through collaboration, we champion technologies that are better for humans and that replace animal testing.

Human Mini Brain
Credit: CAAT.

How is CCS advancing human health?

Organ on a Chip

Credit:Wyss Institute.

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We believe that empathy, respect, humility, and optimism push us all forward. We empower each other to hone our respective skills and to do great work in advancing human health. Most of all, we are nerds and dreamers who believe in the awesome possibilities of science.
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