The Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS) Student Chapters provide a space for students to explore the interconnection between the fields of human health, environmental sustainability, and animal protection while also supporting student efforts to make tangible changes that benefit society. Within these Chapters, students learn about three focus areas: 

(1) Replacement of animal testing with better, human-relevant methods,

(2) Pandemic prevention through the reduction/elimination of animal industries, and

(3) Environmental protection.

CCS supports students to set up Chapters in their own universities to help them unlock the power of science to find solutions that improve the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the planet.

What is the Role of the Student Chapters?

The Student Chapters provide a forum for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the focus areas described above. Within these Chapters, students freely discuss these focal areas and explore how they can create change now and throughout their careers.

Beyond discussions, Student Chapters may host speaker events, participate in advocacy efforts, and develop their own campaigns related to the public health goals set forth by CCS. Such campaign and advocacy efforts may include letter writing, media outreach, educational sessions for other students and faculty, networking events, activities in support of relevant legislation, and social media campaigns.

What is the Relationship Between Student Chapters and CCS?

CCS supports our Chapters by providing guidance and resources for students to host speaker events and develop their own campaigns. We help develop their professional careers through networking opportunities and educational events. For those Student Chapters which are just getting started, CCS can help them set up documentary movie nights, webinars, and other related activities.

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