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Using information to unlock solutions.

What are the Problems?

Today, advanced 21st century technologies are revolutionizing the way we approach human health, environmental toxicology, and other pressing health challenges. Despite these advances, public awareness of these innovations remains critically lacking. Worse yet, misinformation related to serious topics like the best approaches for biomedical research or the footprint of animal agriculture on climate change remains widespread.

What are the Solutions?

CCS offers a trusted narrative and leads efforts to educate stakeholders, academics, policymakers, and students about pandemics and other human health threats and the latest breakthroughs in science and technology such as human-relevant testing methods. For instance, our in-house fellowship and internship program attracts students and emerging professionals seeking to hone their skills within a rigorous, cross-disciplinary environment. Moreover, resources such as free public events, informative databases, and educational materials are regularly produced by CCS. Through programs like these, we seek to increase public awareness, create generational shifts, and develop a cadre of informed professionals with the tools, knowledge, and networks to address some of the most challenging health problems we face.

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