Science Library: Human Relevant Testing Methods

One-Up2Date on Science & Technology

Keeping track of the latest innovation and scientific breakthroughs can be overwhelming. Our One-Up2Date library of educational resources is curated and produced by a team of scientific experts. It features published studies, mostly in cutting-edge biomedical technological fields, including advanced stem cell-based applications, organoids, organ chips, artificial intelligence, and 3D bioprinting. Content can be visualized, searched, and mined by simple keywords or by using presorted categories. Lay summaries have also been incorporated for convenience to our public. Whether you are an investor, policymaker, researcher, scholar, trainee, entrepreneur, or a curious mind interested in the latest published studies (primary papers or review articles), this educational resource may be useful to you.

All One-Up2Date resources at CCS are made possible by generous donors and are updated periodically. Click below if you don’t see your study featured here or have any questions.

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