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What are the Problems?

There is a great deal of promise to be made with technological advancements and scientific knowledge that can dramatically improve human health. Yet, the knowledge and advancements that can best accomplish this are too often not prioritized by the medical research, pharmaceutical, and public health sectors or they are ignored altogether. As examples, more than 90% of experimental drugs fail in clinical trials for safety or efficacy reasons, although they have been deemed safe and effective in animal testing. In academic research, billions in U.S. taxpayers’ money continue to be spent on unreliable models that marginally resemble the human diseases being investigated. The interplay between pandemics, climate change, and antibiotic resistance with factory farming is receiving little attention from public health agencies.

What are the Solutions?

CCS works on multiple fronts to shift the existing paradigm in medical research and other areas that impact health. The CCS Investor Summit is a one-of-a-kind business development event that brings together innovators, investors, researchers, and venture philanthropists to support modern technologies in the emerging field of human-relevant alternatives to animal experimentation. The CCS Innovation Circle brings together partners across different sectors to provide a unified voice to the scientific community and policy makers to support the discovery, development, refinement, and use of the best scientific innovations that can replace ineffective animal testing. CCS provides scientific perspectives on the human health threats of the wildlife trade and factory farming to engage with health agencies and others in support of progressive initiatives that can reduce these threats.

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