The SPARK Pledge is a commitment to replace the use of ineffective and harmful animal experimentation in toxicity and safety testing with more modern, effective solutions. The Pledge is cosponsored by the Center for Contemporary Sciences (CCS), MatTek, the Lush Prize, and the BICO Group. CCS co-founded the SPARK Pledge to build a cross-sector of companies, organizations, and individuals working together to drive a more sustainable, humane, and scientifically superior process of ensuring the safety of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

What is the pledge?

As companies, scientific institutions, and other signatories from every corner of the world, we realize that there is a critical need to protect human and environmental health by using the best investigative approaches possible. We also recognize the scientific and ethical imperative to replace animal testing with the most human-predictive or other relevant testing tools and methods.

Through our leadership, we encourage others to take bold actions and make ambitious commitments to advance safety and toxicity research.

For the betterment of human and environmental health and animal protection, we rise to the challenge to innovate safety and toxicity testing by committing to the following (where applicable):

  • Replacing the use of animals in testing, with the aim towards complete elimination of animal testing with more predictive or other relevant methods whenever such scientifically satisfactory methods are available or unless required by law.
  • Requesting third parties to not conduct on our behalf any animal testing on products or ingredients and instead to use more predictive or other relevant methods whenever such scientifically satisfactory methods are available or unless required by law.
  • Working with regulatory and other governmental agencies to identify and accept more effective methods to replace animal testing.
  • Relentlessly pursuing scientific advancement by encouraging others to create, develop, and use innovative solutions to replace animal testing and improve human and environmental protection.
  • Leading through example to demonstrate how replacement of animal tests is achievable.

Recommended: Devising approaches by which to track progress in replacing animal tests with more relevant methods.

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Why take the pledge?

Join the world’s top companies, scientists, and organizations –and act now to modernize safety and toxicity testing.

As new testing methods emerge, it is imperative that entities leading and/or conducting toxicity and safety testing utilize the most reliable and predictive scientific tools available. To advance human health, more predictive, advanced, and biologically relevant tools for ensuring the safety for humans and the environment will and must be leveraged.

Social responsibility, including animal protection and environmental causes, are of increasing concern by the public. Major brands are heeding consumer preference for reducing the overall harm to our ecosystem and reducing animal testing. The opportunity to replace the use of animals in harmful experimentation will become more and more driven by public demand.

Now more than ever, reducing waste, maximizing profit, eliminating frills, responding to consumer pressure, and replacing antiquated regulatory practices are critical for successful enterprises. Replacing costly, unreliable and often futile animal testing will soon become a necessity for a competitive advantage in the toxicity and safety testing sector of many industries.

Policies and decisions such as the 2021 resolution by the European Parliament to phase out animal testing, the Environmental Protection Agency Memo to eliminate mammal studies and funding by 2035, and the FDA Modernization Act 2.0 are incentivizing the replacement of animal testing with more relevant approaches.


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