Board of Directors

Pamela Spencer

Ph.D., Board Treasurer

Dr. Pamela “Pam” Spencer is the Senior Vice President of Regulatory, Product Stewardship, Quality and Sustainability at ANGUS Chemical Company, in Chicago, IL. She received her doctorate from the Department of Toxicology, School of Public Health, University of Michigan, and her Master of Science in Biology from Central Michigan University.

Pam is a toxicologist who strives to create cross-sector understanding and build partnerships to advance the implementation of Green Chemistry and Safer Design to benefit human health and the environment. After spending three decades working for a large chemical company influencing their product stewardship and safety programs, Pam moved to a small chemical company to prove these concepts were transferable and attainable with fewer resources and expertise.

Pam’s vision is to create seemingly unlikely but vital partnerships to accelerate the adoption and application of new safety assessment strategies in new product development and believes that no matter what sector or field of expertise, we have a common goal to innovate towards safer chemicals and products that benefit society, and the advancement of new safety assessment methods will be an important tool to get us there.

Pam served as the keynote speaker at the first Tech Savvy event. In addition to mentoring young women in STEM careers, you can often find Pam enjoying a round of golf in Northern Michigan where her husband is relentlessly trying to match her record for a hole-in-one!

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