Advisory Council

Sue Marty

Ph.D., D.A.B.T.

Dr. Sue Marty received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, specializing in the area of reproductive toxicology. She was a postdoctoral fellow at Michigan State University, where she studied the neurotoxicity of methylmercury. In 1997, she joined The Dow Chemical Company in Toxicology & Environmental Research and Consulting (TERC). Dr. Marty worked for many years in Dow’s toxicology laboratory, conducting studies in developmental/reproductive, endocrine and neurotoxicology. Currently, she serves as TERC Science Director, developing research strategies on non-animal alternative methods in support of Dow’s Predictive Toxicology program. She is a diplomate of the American Board of Toxicology (D.A.B.T.), a member of the editorial board for Birth Defects Research, and serves on the US EPA Chartered Science Advisory Board. Dr. Marty also serves on several OECD committees, including the Working Group of the National Coordinators of the Test Guidelines Programme (WNT), the Developmental Neurotoxicity Expert Group, and the Endocrine Disruptor Testing and Assessment Group.

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